Great Ways to Save at Serenata Flowers

Whether you’re looking for flowers for somebody special or you’re just looking to add a touch of spring inside your home or office, there’s always a reason to put your Serenata Flowers coupon codes to good use.

Flowers, however, can be a little heavy on the budget. As beautiful and as delicate as they are, fresh flowers can get pretty expensive. And the rarer they are, the more expensive they can get. It does not help that these flowers do not take more than a few days to turn into £20-worth of brown, wilted and unattractive rubbish.

While you can always opt instead for silk, plastic, or paper flowers as alternatives, nothing can replace real, fresh flowers in lighting up any room, mood, or occasion.

That is why we have compiled a list of helpful tips on how you can save on your flower purchases from Serenata Flowers! Check them out below!

  1. Pick an off-peak day for delivery on special holidays.

Ordering a bouquet for Mom’s Day or Valentine’s? Get ahead of everyone else and have it delivered a day before! It’s no secret that flower shops swell up prices on holidays to match the sky high demand. And believe it or not, one day before or after the holiday can make a world of difference in the prices but not in the quality! So place your orders ahead and arrange for the delivery a day or two before or after the holiday to max out your savings!

  1. Go for in-season flowers.

The best or most popular flowers may not be in season when you need them. For instance, roses don’t grow well in the UK in February, so a rose bouquet for V-Day is most likely imported and is therefore more expensive. To save up on costs, pick out seasonal flowers. They will come out not just cheaper but also most likely fresher than imported ones. They may not be your ‘traditional’ pick but with the right arrangement, they make just as good a bouquet to match even the most decadent of Ecuadorian roses sans the expense.

  1. Go for locally available/locally sourced flowers.

A little research will show you which types of flowers are naturally grown in the country and which ones require special growing conditions and it should also show you which types of flowers need to be imported. Locally-sourced flowers that grow in natural conditions are more likely to be cheaper than others because of cheaper costs of growing and producing them. These locally-grown flowers are going to be fresher than imported ones as well, making them a better, longer-lasting option.

  1. Mix up your bouquets.

A little mix and match can go a long, long way especially where flower delivery savings is concerned. An elegant bouquet does not need to be made of the same kind of flowers. Mix and match them in colors – pastels, reds, autumn hues, etc – or put together different flowers of the same color! A bouquet of white daisies and white roses can be just as divine as a bouquet of white rosebuds while a bouquet of pastel-colored gerbera daisies and carnations are a perfect way to usher in the spring into your homes.

  1. Go minimal on the presentation.

Does your bouquet really have to come in that expensive ceramic vase? Do you need your flowers to be delivered in expensive, glittery paper? Much of the costs that come with your flower deliveries can be slashed off by forgoing the expensive packaging! Recycle old mason jars, buy or make your own vase, or go for today’s trendy, hipster ‘rustic’ look with just craft paper and strings or ribbons and save on costs of the flowers. The packaging that came with your online flower order will be more expensive than store-bought or even handmade ones so get a little creative, recycle or upcycle stuff that you already own, or keep things simple and you’ll find that your flowers will be more than enough for a great presentation.

  1. Order potted plants instead.

Fresh, cut flowers are not the only way to give out gifts. And potted plants are certainly more than just housewarming gifts. Potted plants are often less expensive than cut flowers but are longer lasting. As gifts, they are a great way to express desire for longevity and continued relationship, as well as a desire to be part of a person’s life for a long time. The secret to successfully gifting friends and loved ones with potted plants is giving a plant that is easy to manage even for beginners – like succulents! Succulents are the ‘in’ thing today, being equally attractive and easy to manage. There require very little care and can last several seasons without any problem. And whether you pick regular plants or any of the popular succulents, you can be sure that this is the kind of gift that keeps on giving.

  1. Order in advance.

The early bird always catches the worm – and in this case, the big discounts. This is especially true for special holiday orders like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Order at least a month or two before the holiday to avoid not just the online traffic but more importantly to avail of some significant price cuts! See, online flower shops like Serenata Flowers appreciate advanced orders because it gives them more than enough time to prepare and include your orders for the holiday inventory. And by ordering online, you don’t just get your flowers at a cheaper rate; you also get the best ones before the holiday rush causes them to run out.

  1. Check out for discounts online.

What else could be a better way to save on Serenata Flower orders than with Serenata Flowers coupon codes? The internet abounds with Serenata Flowers coupon codes; you just need to know where to keep a lookout for these wonderful gifts.

And more importantly, when you do get your cut flowers, make sure you know how to take care of them to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

How to Tell Someone You Love Them

How to Tell Someone You Love Them…..

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In the day and age of the heart emoji and Snapchatting 10-second kisses, is there room for an old school way of saying ‘I love you’ – perhaps something that lasts more than a few seconds and does not float away in the interwebs afterwards?

The good news is: yes! There are a million ways to show love to someone without using any of today’s smart gadgets. The bad news is that there might be fewer and fewer people who’d be willing to go the extra mile – and outside of their wifi zones – to show anybody affection and love.

If you’re one of the few of romantics left in existence in this modern world of cyber-romance, and you’re basically clueless about how to do things the old way, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that will guarantee a smile from your special someone. Check them out!


  • Write it on paper. Throughout history, amorous exchanges have become silent witnesses and testament to some of the best and most lasting love stories. Writing love letters is not like sending emails or a poorly worded SMS. When you write love letters, you are expressing yourself not just in the words you’re using but also in your handwriting – which is uniquely your own.
  • Say it in a love song. If you have talent in music and songwriting, transform your love letter into a love song instead. Music, after all, is the language of love so why not make the most of your musical talent to express your affectations to your dearly beloved?
  • Do something for them. This is one of the most difficult ways to express love because: (a) it is hard to do something for another person without expecting anything in return; and (b) it is harder to interpret as love compared to blatantly saying it in words as in writing love letters or love songs. Run an errand for your loved one. Take them out on a date. Go out of your way to make them happy. It does not have to be a grandiose expression of love – it can be the simplest breakfast in bed or consistently doing chores for them – what matters is the intention and the loving nature with which you execute it for your significant other.
  • Say it with flowers. Flowers have always been a language of love. Don’t wait for the right occasion or the perfect holiday to send flowers – there is no such thing. Every day is a good day to send your loved on flowers.

There is nothing ‘outdated’ or ‘uncool’ about going out of your way for love. Try out any of these today and watch your loved one marvel at these ageless expressions of love.